Saturday, 17 November 2012

DIY bowtie tutorial

Hello everyone :)

here's one DIY project- bow tie!
I like bows and I decided it would be awesome if I had a bow tie!
my politic is- don't buy anything you can make by yourself! :)
okay, I need to stop with so many exclamation points :D

anyway, here's my tutorial. you can find many of them on web, but I like this one because bow then has some volume. 
Here's what'll need: 
-some fabric (any fabric, you can use some leftovers from your previous DIY projects like me, I used denim and faux leather)
-a needle and a thread
-pearls,glitters, sequins if you want

 Firstly, cut some fabric. Make sure your fabric has bigger dimensions that you want your bow tie to be, because we will be folding it few times over

Fold your fabric like shown in 1 and 2

Make sure your fabric doesn't fold away while making steps 3 and 4.
The shape you will get here will be your bows dimensions.

Now, take a needle and thread. 
You need to sew your foldings like shown in 5.
Then, thake the thread and pull it out to make 'waves', if you know what I mean.
Then, make a knot.

Now take some fabric and cut a small rectangle.
That fabric can be the same you used for your bow, or like me, take some other fabric to make the contrast.

Take your rectangular fabric and wrap it over your to-be bow. Now you can see how will your bow look like in the end. 

Take your needle and thread again and sew that on your bow like shown il 7 and 8.
Make a knot.

 And here's our bow!
You can stop here and do whatever you want with it- you can make a bowtie like me, you can use it like a brooch, you can glue or sew it on some pins to get an interesting hair pin and so on.
Also, on your bow you can add glitters, sequins or pearls- anything you want!
I decided to keep it simple this way.

I sewed some elastic on my bow and here's how it looks at the end: 

Well, I hope this was useful! :)

Soon you'll see me wearing it! :)



  1. Odlican DIY, moracu da probam :)

  2. wow so pretty and easy to make.. love it.. i'm going to make a few..

  3. Very nice:)

  4. So stylish, and much nicer than the shop ones!

  5. Moram da probam i ja, mnogo mi se sviđa kako ove mašne idu iz košulje :)

  6. ovo je odlično, hvala na tutorialu, pokušala sam i sama prije ali nije baš ispadalo najbolje x)
    Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

  7. Great DIY, love it! :)

  8. ps: I have a present to you on my blog. :)

  9. Great method! Your blog is so girly, so cute ! :)