Friday, 23 November 2012

eFoxcity outfit

Hi everyone :)

you know that is an online fashion clothing wholesaler and suppliers of many wholesalers and boutiques worldwide.
They supply most wedding apparel, fashionable clothing & Korean style ladies’ apparel internationally. They understand that fashion market wants unique and special ladies clothes, so they are always adding beautiful new styles to their collection.
They have Wedding dresses , Special occasion dresses, and even Men clothing!
Today I'm bringing you one of many combinations I would style with their clothes.

 I like this combination and I would wear it myself too, for some special days when I want to feel more elegant. 
Just put on a blazer and some interesting necklace and here you go!
I would definitely rock some green pumps with this outfit :) 

One fact: can you believe that this whole outfit costs only $82.68?
Another interesting fact: can you believe that you can buy stuff there and make an outfit that would cost even less than this?

 Click on the links for more information about the products:
 blazer: click
shirt: click
pants: click
necklace: click

Be sure to check out :)

Do you like this outfit?