Friday, 17 January 2014

Casual and sporty with Eyeboxs

Hi everyone :)

Have you heard of Eyeboxs? It's an online shopping site with a great style. I was amazed with their really pleasant and lovely staff. Another good thing to says is that they have great shippping! My package came in only 2 weeks! :)
All the clothes I got fit me perfectly and they have good quality.
You'll see all of the items I got in my future posts.

This sweatshirt I'm wearing is from Eyeboxs. I love its unique style, it has got small printed elephants that are soo cute! I fell in love with it instantly. What do you think about it?

I styled it with striped shirt. I thought it would be interesting to style different prints :) If you don't like this, you can wear it for its own or with a simply denim shirt under it.

The rest of the outfit is simple, jeans and trainers to make the whole outfit sporty.

You can get more information about the sweatshirt HERE.

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  1. Your sweatshirt is so cool.. I am going to check the online shop out now
    I am inviting you to enter phone covers giveaway

  2. baš ti je to casual and sporty. sporty sa košuljom?
    ne stoje ti sunčane, izgledaš ko dežurni mafijaš u njima

    1. sori zbog krivog naziva posta :*

    2. ma duguješ mi ispriku i za majicu preko košulje...

    3. a sta kazes na dzemper preko kosulje? :P tog ce zasigurno bit :D

    4. u svakom slučaju bolje nego majica preko košulje koja viri na sve strane ;)

  3. naj si mi na ovoj s podignutom nogom :P

  4. presladak je ovaj print na slovone! :)