Sunday, 6 July 2014

Splurge vs. Save

Hi everyone! 
I joined Splurge vs. Save campaing as lovely Erin from Credit Card Insider (click) asked me to. 
I live in a small town with barely no shops, so there's no such things as sales etc. That's why I love to buy something new when I go somewhere else.

I wanted to buy black loafers as a basic flats. Surfing around many websites, I found this pricey version HERE

I mean, OMG, it's $139 for simple black loafers! Guys, I can live with that money for month or two (I'm highschool student)!

Lucky for me, I found these pretties in NewYorker on sale for just 19kn, and that a little less than $4! Can you believe that?
They have a skull print too.

They aren't so quality made but hey, if they'd last for only couple of months, I'll be happy!

What did you buy on sales? Comment!


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  2. I love this style of shoes, they look lovely! Thanks for your lovely comment, just followed you on gfc & bloglovin! Have a great Sunday :-) x

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  6. I bought a few sweater on sales :) And the shoes you show here are cool!

    Thanks for following - it´s a pleasure for me that I already followed you on gfc <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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