Wednesday, 11 March 2015

how to dress for homecoming?

Good morning my lovelies!

It's spring soon and with spring begin also the homecoming or prom time!

I'm sure most of you girl have already your perfect unique homecoming dresses in mind, but have you found it yet? 

If you are searching for homecoming under $200 , I think that I can help you with some choices :)

Firstly, you need to make a choice whether you would like your dress to be feminine, girly, or maybe extravagant, edgy or so. Then you need to decide if you want long or short dress. You should not think that a long dress for homecoming is a must! You can choose in which of them (long or short) you feel the best, because it is all what is important. You need to feel perfect and comfortable in what you wear.

When it comes to me, I'd always go for a simple dress, if it's long, because I would like to wear it many times, not just once. I don't want it to stay in my closet forever after my homecoming, especially if I have paid for it pretty well.

 But, if I would want to make a step out, I would definetely buy some shorter dress with catching and unique print or something else that is quite original. Also, in that case I would keep the rest of the outfit simple.

If you are searching for homecoming dresses under $200, I would like to show you my favourites from Bridalup. Who knows, maybe one of these dresses catch your eye and become your perfect prom dress!

These are my choices:

I would pair this dress with beige stillettos and I would definetely put my hair up and wear some interesting earrings.

I would pair this dress with simple accessories, I would not wear any necklace because of this beautiful application on the dress! 

As you can see, it's pink day today for me haha :)

The first one is my absolute favourite! Which one do you like?



  1. I love the last one <3 For my prom I wore a red dress, simple but beautiful. And I can still wear it, if the occassion is right ;)

  2. the dresses are just gorgeous
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  3. Wow..pretty dresses!

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