Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Hello my lovelies!

If you're in senior high school year as me, you're probably having a prom night soon. I'd say that prom is a special moment in every person's life, especially for girls. All the girls want to look their best at their prom, and they will spend weeks looking for the perfect dress, bag, make up, hairdo, shoes and all of that... It can be quite a tiring and long process if you go from one store to another, and maybe even from one town to another, but you just can't find the the right dress style for yourself. Are you familiar with that? :)

 Also, most girls can't afford to spend a lot of money on a dress that they will probably wear once in their life. Because of that, some online shops like Ihomecoming.com are very popular because it's quick, easy and cheap way to find the dress you've wanted. I like it how is there all sorted out in one place, so you can choose from many different styles, whether you like romantic, vintage, edgy or some other styles. There you can find beautiful sexy prom dresses too that you've maybe always dreamed of having. 

If you ask me, my perfect prom dress would be simple, so I could wear it more than once. I'll show you my favourites later :)

When it come to choosing the right prom dress, I'd recommend you firstly to decide what style would you like to have, whether it's long, short, strapless or sexy prom dress. Then comes the colour. You should choose the colour which makes you look like a diva, not some that makes you pale or something like that. And the last step is to choose your jewellery and accessories such as clutch and shoes. It think it's better to keep it simple. :)

Now, here are my favourites from affordable sexy prom of Ihomecoming

What are your favourites?



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