Saturday, 27 June 2015

Ericdress lace dresses

Hello my lovelies! :)

How are you today? I'm happy because all my finals finished yesterday. Now I have to wait about 2 more weeks until my results!

Now I have more time for my blog so there will be plenty of posts from now on!

I'd like to start with showing you some cute dresses!

Here in Croatia, weather is so-so. Sometimes it's too hot, and sometimes (like today) it's cloudy and pretty cold for summer time.

So I decided to show you my favourite lace sheat dresses and long sleeve dresses from Ericdress. They have amazing choice of clothes, especially dresses, which are great price too! And they ship worldwide. Have you heard of them already? What are your experiences?

We all know that white lace dresses are pretty popular at this moment, especially the ones without shoulders. Just like this one:

What do you think about it? I think it would be perfect with just a simple summer hat. And it's great for the beach ofcourse. You can see many fashion bloggers wearing similar dresses on beaches etc. I think it's a great deal for this price, and you? Also, it would definetely look amazing on tanned skin.

I like dresses that have not so usual design. So it isn't weird that I like this dress a lot: 

I like it's design and colour and everything! It's perfect for elegant dinners, summer weddings etc. Green is one of  my favourite colours and I like this design a lot. It can get you many compliments :)

You can see more dresses from Ericdress here, here, and here

What are your favourites?


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