Tuesday, 7 July 2015


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Hello everyone!

As you all probably already know, StyleMoi is my favourite online shop. They care about their members so much, and they decided to host a giveaway! What are they giving actually?

Well, the answer is the hottest accessory this summer - flash tatoos! 
They are giving set which includes 4 flash tatoos (their original price is $29,99) for free, all you'd have to pay is the international shipping, which is $3,99. Ofcourse, you need to sign up to be able to do that.

Why do I like these tatoos? Well, as first, they're definitely not the ones we all had as kids (those glittery ones). They have metallic finish and look amazing on tanned skin. You can put them wherever you want. They look great on shoulder, wrist, leg, etc. :) They are great summer detail.

At last, StyleMoi decided to reward lucky persons, who will be picked every week and will get $100 coupon. All you have to do is to take a photo of your flash tatoo and post it on Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter and their systems will stream your amazing photos! :) So, to recap, when you get your flash tatoo, take a picture, post it online, and you're in the drum for wining a $100 coupon. One person is picked every week! There are plenty of chances to win. That sounds amazing if you ask me ;)


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