Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Hello everyone!

I've recently stumbled upon this amazing online shop, which is specialized in shoes. It is called Shoespie. Have you heard of them already?
As I'm on holidays these days, I've done a lot of brainstorming so I could make the blogposts more interesting. I've decided I could make advice for you to start already preparing for fall. I know it's summer and it's very very hot at the moment, but these few weeks will fly quickly and the fall will come very soon. So I decided to prepare and happily wait for it to come :)
We all know how tricky fall can be. It can turn from sunny to rainy every moment. What do you wear then? My pick are usually boots, and if they're cheap ankle boots, it's perfect for me. I love ankle boots more than any other type of boots.

Jeffrey Campbell look-a-like

I've searced their site and found some favourites for fall. I like these black platform ankle boots a lot, and as you maybe know, I already have booties similar to these, but in brown :) These would look great combined with leather jacket, must have for fall!

lace up suede heels

Beside those, I found a pair of booties that could be worn in those sunny fall moments haha :) These burgundy beauties caught my eye so hard that I've already combining them in my mind! You know how lace up booties are very popular right now.

I tend to buy boots on knee high boots sale. What about you? Have you ever worn some fresh colours on boots, beside black and brown? What do you think about yellow knee high boots? I think they'd go okay with my brown leather jacket. I'm thinking about orange knee high boots, especially if they're suede ;)

I think these look pretty too:
black knee high boots

What do you think?

You can check out Shoespie ( boots on these links: