Friday, 17 July 2015


Hello my lovelies!

We'll be discussing summer trends today. To be exact, it's the most popular trend at the moment. Yes, you're right, I'm thinking about boho chic.

Have you ever wondered when the boho chic style became popular? It's in late 1960s. From then it appears from time to time, for example, in 1990s, it appeared in 2004 and today again.

Do you know what celebrities were the first to wear the boho chic outfits? Those style icons are Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Mary-Kate Olsen. I'd say we got used to them being trendsetters.

Sienna Miller, Mary-Kate Olsen, Kate Moss, boho chic

I'm happy that we can see many amazing boho chic outfits on summer festivals too. Have you been on any yet? If you're preparing for one, I'm happy to introduce you to StyleMoi boho chic trend page!

You can find your boho chic outfit inspiration there, as well as order some of their most popular items! Here are my favourites from their boho chic items:
boho chic outfit

boho chic outfit, floral fringes kimono
boho chic outfit, summer dress

So, what to choose from the plenty of choices? In my opinion, must-haves for the boho chic are:

#1 - a kimono
I'd say it's a statement piece that will certainly make you stand out of the crowd. Especially if it's floral and with fringes :)

#2 - an off shoulder top
This is definitely a basic piece. It can be really romantic if it's white and has lace details. Oh, and it can be really cute as a crop top!

#3 - a summer hat
It will save you from the sun, but also make you look pretty chic.

When it comes to me wearing a boho chic outfit, I'd like to show you this photo:
boho chic outfit, summer dress, mango, hm

What do you think about it? I've just ordered some more of boho chic pieces, so there will be more outfits like that. 

Now, the part that brought me most fun when making this post - boho chic outfit collage! So, I decided to make a collage of one boho outfit with all the links and prices to make it easier for you to orientate when choosing your summer festival outfit. 

summer festival boho chic outfit inspiration

2 - floral fringe kimono - $16.99

TOTAL: $56.96

So, what I wanted to show you is that you don't have to spend a fortune to look amazing and unique on the summer festivals. And what's better, you can wear those items not only on festivals, but in the usual days, too. 

At last, to gain some more inspiration, here are some street style snaps of other amazing fashion bloggers:
Amazing Janine from the A Fashion Way Of Life  ,wearing amazing tribal print romper

Beautiful Yvonne from the Willa's Cherry Bomb, wearing playsuit with crochet details

Don't you think these girls are amazing? Head over to their linked blogs to see more of their amazing outfits too :)

Finally, I think I've brought to you my thinking about boho chic, I like that trend a lot, and I think it will be with us a few more seasons. I can't wait to wear some of my boho chic items in the fall too!

Do you own some of boho chic items? Do you like this trend? 


  1. I LOVE this trend, it looks so good on the summer I really want to buy more pieces in this kinda style *-*

  2. I just love this trend !

  3. What a throwback look! I love it

  4. I wasn't a huge fan of this trend at first but this past season I have totally jumped on board with it!! I just need to go out and get the materials to create my look!

  5. When I was at the Taylor Swift concert, there were an astounding amount of boho chic looks. Personally, I love it!

  6. Love love, It's like you took these items right from my closet :)

  7. I'm loving the boho chic style, it's perfect for summer. Yvonne's playsuit is probably my favorite piece on here. I need to get it ASAP!

    ♥ Lisa
    strum simmer sip

  8. I love the Boho look, especially komonos and lacy, flowy tops. Love it all! Wonderful post. I've been dreaming of going to Coachella so I could dress like this :)

  9. Adorable! You need to check out Tiny Devotions - great malls to complete the outfit!