petak, 4. travnja 2014.

Win 3 OASAP new tees, yes, you heard me right, 3 pieces!

Have a glimpse at OASAP’s spring-summer tee new-ins? Great, because now we offer a chance to win your most loved 3 tees from the summer print collection!

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petak, 28. ožujka 2014.

One jeans - 3 ways to wear (Part 3)

Hi everyone :)

Here's the last post of my serie with these jeans. After this post I'm going to make them even better with some DIY!

This time I styled my jeans with this beautiful blouse from Oasap. Oasap have the best choice of blouses! Check them HERE. I love these little details on shoulders :)

The photos aren't very well, the Sun was shining right onto my face, and the pale as I am, I looked like a zombi or what :D

How did you like this serie? What's your favourite outfit?

You can check the other parts here: PART 1, PART 2

to my bf.

Share some comments,

srijeda, 26. ožujka 2014.

One jeans - 3 ways to wear (Part 2)

Hi everyone :)

As I said yesterday, I'm doing a small serie of posts feauturing Oasap, with my favourite jeans.
In this part I styled the jeans with my grey simple tee from Oasap which I love very much! I was looking for a simple t-shirt like this for a long time.

The rest of the outfit is really simple, I feel the best in this casual style :)

to my bf.

What do you think? Share some comments with me :)


utorak, 25. ožujka 2014.

One jeans - 3 ways to wear (Part 1)

Hi everyone :)

I decided to do one small serie of posts with my favourite jeans atm. In these three posts I'll be feauturing Oasap's tops, showing you how I've styled them with the jeans. Simple as that.

So, this high-low grey jumper is from Oasap, just as the necklace. I love those knitted details on it, what about you?

I've added the necklace to dress it up a bit and casual loafers.

What do you think?


četvrtak, 20. ožujka 2014.

Spring with Sheinside

Hi everyone :)
Spring is coming so I decided to share some of my Spring favourites from Sheinside :)

Here they are.

My absolute favourite collection of Sheinside are their dresses. Girly, feminine, sporty, elegant, whatever style you want. They're perfect for spring and summer.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Next are their tops.
From blazers, jackets to blouses and t-shirt. My favourite are those in pastel springish colours. What are your favourites?

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Their bottoms are truly interesting. I would like to have them all :) I chose some of them with beautiful prints :)
1 / 2 / 3 / 4

And those were my favourites! Share your thoughts and experiences with Sheinside! I would be lucky to read your comments.


petak, 7. veljače 2014.


Hi everyone :)
I decided to make a post of my boyfriend's outfit. I love his established style :)
I would definetely like to make these posts more often! 

What do you think of Ivan's outfit?

utorak, 28. siječnja 2014.


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