CHOIES: Floral kimono

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

 Hello my lovelies!
This is my last post of Choies serie. I won't be here for 12 days so I won't be posting anything. But when I come back, there will be several posts from my trip :) I'm also thinking about improving my content, but all of that will come afer the trip.

CHOIES: B&W with a twist

Hello my lovelies!
I really got into posting these two days! This is my third post in two days and I still got one more outfit to show you today in the afternoon!
 So, we're again with the Choies, this time I'm showing you this basic white shirt. You can see it here. It's on sale right now! It's funny how I didn't realize I don't have something like that in my wardrobe. I usually go for the unique pieces and sometimes man can forget about these 'must haves' in closet! What do you think about my outfit?

CHOIES: Black and blue, dots and stripes

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Hello my lovelies, for the second time today! I already posted today and you can see that post in which I'm wearing an amazing playsuit here.
As I already said, I cooperate with Choies and in this outfit I combined these cool shorts. I wanted something like this for a long time but they never got their time, till now :) I love their material so much, and design, but my favourite thing about them are dots. You can see the shorts here. You can see that I've added a hint of stripes too in my shoes :) What do you think?

CHOIES: Floral playsuit

Hello my lovelies!
 Today I'm showing you my cooperation with Choies. I was so happy when Jessica asked me to cooperate with them because I love their site so much.
I picked 4 items which you will see today and tomorrow. So, 4 posts till tomorrow night when I'm heading of to Italy, Spain and France!

Safari colours

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Hi everyone?
How are you today?
Today I'm bringing you outfit with my currently favourite colour palette. I like to call it 'safari palette' as it reminds me of it. Have you ever been on safari? I sure would like to. 
Today is raining all the time, but I still managed to take these photos with Marija.
I would like to present you my new bag from Dressve. You can find it here. It's on sale right now! What do you think, do you like it? I think it will be perfect for school when it starts. Btw, it's pretty sad that summer is almost over. Next week I'm going on a school trip to Spain, Italy and France and I can't wait. Have you any suggestions for places to visit? Thank you! x