Firstly, thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you'll stay with me for a while :) If you're interested in knowing me and my blog better, keep on reading!

About The Caramel Dream
I'm Katarina and I've been writing this blog for 3 years now. This all started on 7th August, 2012, when after years of reading a lot of similar blogs, I decided to start my own, fashion related. I'm not professional in this, and who knows if I'll ever be, but I'm writing when I can and when I feel inspired. It just feels good this way. Currently I'm working on improving The Caramel Dream :)

Who's behind The Caramel Dream?
I'm 19 years old girl from Slavonia in Croatia. I have just finished highschool, and I'm preparing for college at this moment. The next few years I'll be in capital of Croatia, Zagreb and study pharmacy. My blog is taking this journey with me. I hope I'll be able to create and share some new awesome content with you! 

Some random things about me
I love Oreos & Yankee Candle. Oh, and I'm a chemistry freak, sometimes geeky (or actually, most of the time haha) I'm also an introvert, so you can imagine how I'm having a hard time with promoting my blog haha (and with those moments when someone from your real life finds your blog online, ugh). I have been in love with one amazing guy named Ivan for three years now, and counting. :)

About my style
I like mixing different pieces, combining more styles and I like wearing unique stuff that I'm sure not many people have. Also, I'm here to show that money can't buy you style, and that you can look good with not much money, as I'm definitely not a millionaire & I have a limited budget.