Friday, 31 July 2015


July on Instagram of The Caramel Dream

Bok svima! Evo jedan brzinski pregled srpnja na Instagramu :) Možete me pratiti pod imenom @the_caramel_dream (link: Slobodno podijelite svoje profile u komentarima!

Hi everyone! Just a quick update from Instagram this month. You can follow me there, my username is @the_caramel_dream (or via link: Share your profiles and links with me, let's connect! :)

July on Instagram of The Caramel Dream

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Bok svima! :) Jedan brzinski outfit sa samo dvije fotografije, jer su ostale ispale presmiješno, kao i obično haha. 
Za desetak dana moj blog puni čak 3 godine te ću u tu svrhu organizirati jedno darivanje, pa budite spremni! :) 
Outfit je vrlo je jednostavan, ali mi se sviđa kombinacija ove baby blue haljine s upečatljivim sandalama. Što vi mislite? :)

Hello everyone! One quick post with just two photos, as others came out really funny (well, as they always do) haha.
My blog's 3rd birthday is coming up in 10 days, and I'll be holding a great giveaway because of that, so be ready!
The outfit is really simple, but I like the combination of this baby blue dress with statement heels. What do you think? :) Kisses!

Sunday, 26 July 2015


This post is written in Croatian and English. Please scroll down for the english version. :)
golden hour outfit photos
Bok svima! Po ne znam koji put ponovno krećem pisati i na hrvatskom :) Nekako mi je lakše pisati na engleskom jer mi je pomalo neugodno kad vidim kako raste broj čitatelja iz Hrvatske..Znam, čudno, ali tako je. Trebat će mi još vremena da se naviknem i oslobodim :)
Ovo je outfit slikan prije nekoliko dana, kada smo slučajno uhvatile razvikani 'golden hour' iliti sat prije izlaska i zalaska (u ovom slučaju zalaska) Sunca, kada slike ispadaju najbolje. Meni se sviđaju, nisam ih morala niti uređivati.

Što se same kombinacije tiče, ovo je suknja iz Xnationa koji se u Hrvatskoj zatvorio još prije otprilike 3 godine. Zapravo mi se tek sad počela sviđati :) Top je iz NewYorkera, torba je Dresslink a sandale su iz nekog butika u Puli. 

Što mislite? :)
golden hour outfit photos
Hello my lovelies! 
Can you spot the magic golden hour in my photos? This is an outfit from few days ago, when we accidentally caught the golden hour. I like these photos a lot, I haven't even edited them (I mean basic editing, like brightness and contrast that I always do).
My ombre skirt is from Xnation, the brand that was closed here in Croatia about 3 years ago. It's funny how now I actually started to like it :)
What do you think? Kisses!
golden hour outfit photos

Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Hello my lovelies!
My summer has officialy started. I was in Zagreb with my boyfriend (who will be a medicine student there, yay for him!) for the past two days and it was very nice, except it was so hot I thought I'd die. But anyway, I'm back now with new outfits!

What do you think about this combination? I like the contrast between purple skirt and those orange heels! They're my sisters, and they are so beautiful but it's so painful to wear them! Do you have a pair of those 'killer' heels too? 

Oh, and by the way, my mum made the bag I'm wearing! I have also made one myself too, and it's in mint and dark blue colour combination!


summer outfit, ootd, skirt, top, heels

summer outfit, ootd,  skirt, top, heels

summer outfit, ootd,  skirt, top, heels

Friday, 17 July 2015


Hello my lovelies!

We'll be discussing summer trends today. To be exact, it's the most popular trend at the moment. Yes, you're right, I'm thinking about boho chic.

Have you ever wondered when the boho chic style became popular? It's in late 1960s. From then it appears from time to time, for example, in 1990s, it appeared in 2004 and today again.

Do you know what celebrities were the first to wear the boho chic outfits? Those style icons are Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Mary-Kate Olsen. I'd say we got used to them being trendsetters.

Sienna Miller, Mary-Kate Olsen, Kate Moss, boho chic

I'm happy that we can see many amazing boho chic outfits on summer festivals too. Have you been on any yet? If you're preparing for one, I'm happy to introduce you to StyleMoi boho chic trend page!

You can find your boho chic outfit inspiration there, as well as order some of their most popular items! Here are my favourites from their boho chic items:
boho chic outfit

boho chic outfit, floral fringes kimono
boho chic outfit, summer dress

So, what to choose from the plenty of choices? In my opinion, must-haves for the boho chic are:

#1 - a kimono
I'd say it's a statement piece that will certainly make you stand out of the crowd. Especially if it's floral and with fringes :)

#2 - an off shoulder top
This is definitely a basic piece. It can be really romantic if it's white and has lace details. Oh, and it can be really cute as a crop top!

#3 - a summer hat
It will save you from the sun, but also make you look pretty chic.

When it comes to me wearing a boho chic outfit, I'd like to show you this photo:
boho chic outfit, summer dress, mango, hm

What do you think about it? I've just ordered some more of boho chic pieces, so there will be more outfits like that. 

Now, the part that brought me most fun when making this post - boho chic outfit collage! So, I decided to make a collage of one boho outfit with all the links and prices to make it easier for you to orientate when choosing your summer festival outfit. 

summer festival boho chic outfit inspiration

2 - floral fringe kimono - $16.99

TOTAL: $56.96

So, what I wanted to show you is that you don't have to spend a fortune to look amazing and unique on the summer festivals. And what's better, you can wear those items not only on festivals, but in the usual days, too. 

At last, to gain some more inspiration, here are some street style snaps of other amazing fashion bloggers:
Amazing Janine from the A Fashion Way Of Life  ,wearing amazing tribal print romper

Beautiful Yvonne from the Willa's Cherry Bomb, wearing playsuit with crochet details

Don't you think these girls are amazing? Head over to their linked blogs to see more of their amazing outfits too :)

Finally, I think I've brought to you my thinking about boho chic, I like that trend a lot, and I think it will be with us a few more seasons. I can't wait to wear some of my boho chic items in the fall too!

Do you own some of boho chic items? Do you like this trend? 

Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Hello everyone, for the second time today! :)

I wanted to show you this outfit which reminds me of safari, so the photos got that theme too :) I love this combination so much.

Anyway, I wanted to announce that I got into the college I've wanted, so I'm a future pharmacy student, yay! :D I hope it will all go well. :)

What do you think about my outfit? I like these shorts so much!



Hello my lovelies! How are you today? I'm going to publish an outfit post today too, but later. 
Now I decided to show you some of my bag favorites from Dresslink. I'm slowly starting to prepare for college and studying in the big city, so I'm looking for something that will make me stand out from the crowd. So, these are the bags that have caught my eye, and for which I think that are special and beautiful.

Sunday, 12 July 2015


h&m dress

Hello my lovelies!

Just  a quick hello from me :) Yesterday was a pretty busy day for me, as  somehow I managed to shoot several outfits. Here's the first one of them, I like it so much because I've wanted a vest for some time now, but I've never seen it in any shop (for reasonable price). But yesterday I've found one in my mums wardrobe! Who would have known that haha :)

The dress is from H&M, bought on sale. :)

hm dress
hm dress and vest

Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Hello everyone!

Can you believe I'm actually writing a 'How to..' (well, in this case it's 'How I...') post? It's pretty surprising to me too. If you told me that a week ago, I wouldn't believe it.
I have much more time now while I'm on holidays, so I decided to put some work in my blog and my posts. I decided to add different types of posts, beside outfit photos. 
I'm doing many researches these last few days, getting to know all the bloggers tips & tricks. It's kinda weird I'm doing this now because I've been blogging about 3 years  (it will be 3 years in August) and someone who's blogging just a few months knows better about that than me. But I guess it's never late to learn some new things! :)

how to triple pinterest traffic and followers

Today I'd like to share my Pinterest story with you. 

I started pinning last year. It was not too much, just a few DIY projects or so. Nothing special.
It was somehow during the last winter holidays, when I had spare time and needed some more inspiration, so I started pinning again. Then, the holidays ended, school started again and there wasn't time to pin random things. I didn't have much motivation to study, but I had to because it's my senior year in highschool. And then I found out that there are many other people like me, struggling with study motivation, who share their beautiful notes, quotes or study places on Pinterest. I've started pinning their pictures like crazy, and it actually helped me because I'd instantly get motivated as soon as I saw some beautiful study notes.
I started getting some new followers, people just like me, who like to see how other people are studying haha :) Every new follower gave me an extra joy then, just like it does today.

Right now I have 729 followers, increasing quickly. That number was approximately 3 times smaller 10 weeks ago. It's not a big number, but it means a lot to me.

So, what have I done?

1. I was passionate about what I pin. Funny thing to say, but yes, I'm geeky and I love to study but sometimes I lose my motivation. When you pin something you're passionate about and you stick to it, it's likely that people who have similar interests will find you. And they will repin you, like your pins and maybe follow you. :)

2. Organize your boards. It won't just look nice, but it will also bring some new followers. I've done this recently, I've reorganized my previous and added some new boards. More boards mean more interest, so there's many new people who can share those interests with you. I have to say I don't prefer having too much boards. By 'too much' I think more than 100. Why is that so? Well, when I follow someone who has plenty of boards, my Pinterest feed is full of just that one person. And I would like to see some other people too on my feed, simple as that :)

3. Schedule your pins. I haven't actually finished this task, but I put it here because I already see its benefits. What I do is that I focus on pinning to 3 of my boards daily. It's sure I pin some other pictures too, but I tend to focus on those 3 which are scheduled for that day.

4.Join bloggers groups and share the love. This one is good if you have a blog, because there are many bloggers group boards where you can share your posts and pictures. You can also learn many things from other bloggers! You can gain more followers like that too. :)

 Those are the things I've done which resulted with tripled number of my Pinterest followers. I like Pinterest so much, how about you? Do you have a Pinterest profile? What are your ways of increasing traffic?



Hello everyone!

I've recently stumbled upon this amazing online shop, which is specialized in shoes. It is called Shoespie. Have you heard of them already?
As I'm on holidays these days, I've done a lot of brainstorming so I could make the blogposts more interesting. I've decided I could make advice for you to start already preparing for fall. I know it's summer and it's very very hot at the moment, but these few weeks will fly quickly and the fall will come very soon. So I decided to prepare and happily wait for it to come :)
We all know how tricky fall can be. It can turn from sunny to rainy every moment. What do you wear then? My pick are usually boots, and if they're cheap ankle boots, it's perfect for me. I love ankle boots more than any other type of boots.

Jeffrey Campbell look-a-like

Tuesday, 7 July 2015


giveaway, tatoo, blog, stylemoi

Hello everyone!

As you all probably already know, StyleMoi is my favourite online shop. They care about their members so much, and they decided to host a giveaway! What are they giving actually?

Well, the answer is the hottest accessory this summer - flash tatoos! 
They are giving set which includes 4 flash tatoos (their original price is $29,99) for free, all you'd have to pay is the international shipping, which is $3,99. Ofcourse, you need to sign up to be able to do that.


 Hello everyone!

How are you today? I just got home, I was on pool the whole day. It was so relaxing, I was sunbathing (I hope it won't hurt my porcelain white skin haha) and reading a book. I was able to come up with some new ideas for blogposts, so be prepared! :)

Sunday, 5 July 2015



Hello everyone!

As you can see, I have a new blog design. I'm finally happy with it, as it's simple and it looks more professional than before.

However, it doesn't reflect my style at all, mainly because I don't like prefer simple items. I'd rather go for something unusual and unique (and if it's maybe asymmetrical, it's mine!!). But yeah, I still do have basic items in my wardrobe too. We can't always buy what our heart (or style) wish for.

I've put new profile photo, and Instagram and Pinterest widgets to make the blog theme more colourful. Do you like it?

I know my photos are not so good, I don't have a DSLR camera and I don't know if or when will I have it, since I'm going on the college in few months. I don't have spare $500 or more to spend on something I don't need for life at the moment, simple as that. I will sure try to make the best of what I have with my digital camera :)

Friday, 3 July 2015


Hello my lovelies!

Why 'Reconstruction' ? Well, this dress is actually my prom dress, and the sandals are the ones I've worn that day. So, this is something like a reconstruction of my prom outfit, just with different accessories. What do you think?



Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Hello my lovelies!

It's so sunny today and I finally managed to take some proper photos for the blog. I'm chilling these days because my finals are done and now I'm waiting for the results to see whether I got in the college I've wanted or not. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, I wanted to show you this beautiful pink trench coat from StyleMoi. This is definitely not a time to wear it (well, maybe in those rainy days), but I had to show it. It's so unique, and I like pieces for which I surely know no one has it.

You can check it out here :)

What do you think? See you later! xx



Hello my lovelies! 

How are you today? I'll post once again today because I want to show you my new outfit!

But now, I'd like to talk about long formal dresses. It's summertime and we all know that wedding season is seriously taking place. It's natural that we all love to look amazing and trendy, especially at those big events like wedding of a close person. Beside that, even if you won't go on a wedding, maybe you have a prom or any other event that has a dresscode. We all want to respect the dresscode but also be trendy at the same moment.  And what's currently more trendy than backless formal dresses at beformal?

I think that backless tops and dresses are very sexy and I'm very sad that they just won't fit me well. :(
But, if you're one of the lucky girls that can wear those beautiful pieces, I suggest you to wear them as much as you can. because they are very popular at the moment and you will surely get noticed. I think backless formal dresses Australia would look amazing on beautifully tanned skin!

Beformal specializes in producing evening dresses, wedding dresses or gowns, embroidery and a lot of good products which can be customized based on customers specific requirements. That's great to hear, isn't it? I think that we can all agree that it would be too bad to give money for something that you realize it isn't your size! :/ Luckily, they have considered that too. :)